House of Man

If questions and curiosity prompted The Sun Flights to leave on their nine month musical adventure around the country, then it’s only to be assumed that greater questions and curiosity remain. We returned with no answers whatsoever. Yet the exploration inspired “House of Man.” The album is a reflection of the time we live in. It is a small perspective of the vast landscapes and stories we shared and experienced with so people along the way. It is hope and harmony for the hardships and truth as best as we know how to tell it.

Roam to Ramble

“Roam to Ramble” was recorded during a sunny fall day at Old Swedes Church in Philadelphia. We chose to record this album live to honestly capture The Sun Flights’ sound in a specific place and moment. The three hundred year old building provided a beautiful resonance for songs that speak of movement and imagery, observations and realizations, growing older and choices. Thanks for listening.

On The Hill Series

We started off 2013 with a day recording for Kettle Pot Tracks’ On The Hill Series. This series, designed by Michael Batchelor, is meant to capture authentic live performances of singer/songwriters. The sunlit afternoon we spent on the hill produced these recordings.

Sun Flights’ EP

This EP is our first studio recording. It’s meant to reflect a moment in time, both in the sound and in the song’s stories. It was recorded in November 2012 at Lorelei Studios in Philadelphia, PA by Dan Yorty.